QuickSale4Properties – Your Questions Answered
Q: Do you charge for valuations & what about any hidden costs?

A: No there are no fees for valuations unless you insist on a registered Surveyor, Buyer will pay up to £500.00 towards your legal fees on the sale of your property. What we offer you is what you will get.

Q: How long does the offer take?

A: Initially we will speak to you on the phone and ask you questions about your property. At that stage we can usually give an indication of what our offer is likely to be. We need to carry out a thorough appraisal of property values in your area and make other checks. This is done very quickly and we usually give you a formal offer within 48 Hours.

Q: What if I do not want to proceed?

A:There’s no obligation on you to proceed once you’ve received our offer. No salesmen will call on you, nor will you be pestered with phone calls.

Q: How quickly can we move?

A: We can sometimes exchange contracts within 7 days, so you can move within a matter of days.

Q: How much will you offer me?

A: We typically pay between 75%-85% of the current market value of your property. The offer can depend on the location, value and condition of your property and whether it is tenanted.

Q: Do I get the amount you offer me, or are there any deductions?

A: The amount we offer is the amount you will get, less any outstanding mortgage or loans on your property. There are no hidden charges or additional fees.

Q: Do I need to move out?

A: Yes, as we do not provide a sale and rent back service, once contracts have been exchanged you can have up to 4 weeks to pack and move in your leisure.

Q: Do I need a Solicitor?

A: Yes. As with any property transaction, you will need a solicitor to complete the legal formalities. If you do not already have a solicitor, then we can recommend one. As part of our service buyer will pay £500.00 towards your legal costs on the sale of your property at the time of completion.

Q: Do I need to complete lots of paperwork?

A: No. You will need to sign an agreement with us and complete the normal legal documentation associated with any property sale. We will liaise with your solicitor, and take care of all the formalities quickly and efficiently.

Q: In what areas do you buy properties?

A: Nationwide.

Q: Will anybody know about the sale?

A: No. We carry out all discussions with you in strict confidence. We will not erect a “sold” or “acquired” board at the property.

Q: Can repossession proceedings on my home be stopped?

A: Yes. In most instances the lawyers will speak to the mortgage lenders and arrange for any loans to be repaid and proceedings halted. The sooner you contact us the more likely we are to be able to stop the repossession taking place.

Q: Are there any types of properties that you do not purchase?

A: No. We purchase all types of properties, including commercial, land, farms, and those with sitting tenants, in any condition, vacant or rented. Even those with a planning, legal, tenant or structural problems.

Q: Do I receive a lump sum from the sale of my home and is it tax-free?

A: Yes. Once your solicitor has paid your outstanding mortgage and loans secured on it, then you will receive any money left over to do with as you wish and if the property is your main residence you will pay no tax.

Q: Do you offer re-mortgages and loans and or advice?

A: No.