Divorce or Separation

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Divorce is never fun and trying to find a fair way to divide assets is very difficult, especially when there are homes involved. It is usually much better to sell the home and split the money than to have one person get the home and then try to compensate value to the other person or buy their half of the home.

Emotionally, many people do not wish to stay in the home they lived in while they were married after the divorce, which is very understandable. There are lots of memories in the family home and it is usually best for you to not be reminded of them every day! Plus, relocation can give you a chance to start fresh.

Selling a home during divorce is a way to deal with not only the family home, but also joint investment properties and holiday homes. When this huge asset base is liquidated, it gives both parties a good sum of money with which to go their separate ways and start new lives on their own, without a lot of painful fighting, which all parties would like to avoid as much.

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as possible. It also makes things easier to divide any remaining assets when there is a lump sum of money to be divided amongst the couple.

A quick sale is what most people want so that the divorce can be over as quickly as possible. This is where Quicksale4properties comes in. We offer fast cash offers for your properties in divorce situations. This gets you the money from the property quickly! All you need to do is fill out our easy online application and then the offers will start flooding in from our qualified investors and you get your offers sometimes within 48 hours!

This is a hard time in anyone’s life and you don’t need the added stress of trying to deal with estate agents and prospective buyers walking through your home every day for months on end while you try to sell it! And, we can also help you in securing a sale for any other properties you might own together; you get cash offers sometimes within 48 hours!

Once an offer has been made and accepted by the vendor, it would progress to lawyers and once contracts are exchanged you will have six to eight weeks to vacate your home while all of the paperwork is being finalised, Plenty of time to pack at your leisure, find a new home, and all of the things that make your life complete.

Our service is fast and easy especially to help you in this trying time. Don’t delay, we are waiting to get your home sold!
Please Note – Quicksale4properties does not provide mortgage or credit advice.