Mortgage Arrears

Mortgage arrears can cause you a lot of unnecessary stress and worry. They can also cost you your home. Mortgage arrears happen when you do not pay your mortgage. The payments that you have not paid and the interest for those payments are added all together and make up your mortgage arrears. As you can image, this number adds up very quickly! It is hard to come up with all of the money to pay your arrears at once but you could call and try to negotiate a payment plan that suits you both, failing this and you cannot come up with all of this money, then you face court proceedings (which may be costly), repossession of your home, and ultimately added to the black list and made Bankrupt.

While no one wants to fall behind on their mortgage some people do have mortgage arrears at one point or another in their lives. The biggest dilemma is always “where to get the money”. You could try to borrow the money from friends and family but, chances are, they either do not have enough money to spare or are having financial problems of their own, so they may not be in a position to help, even if they wanted to.

Another option is borrowing from a credit card to pay off your mortgage arrears. However with the possibility of a bad credit reference on your credit due to you being late or in arrears on your mortgage, your line of credit will most likely, not be large enough to bring you out of mortgage arrears. And, even if it is, you will be facing repaying the amount of your mortgage arrears to the credit card company at a very high interest rate, which almost makes it worse than dealing with your mortgage arrears.

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shutterstock_155908124-390x285The next option that will probably come to mind is getting a personal loan or a of line credit. For these, you usually have to have good credit references and/or something of value to secure the loan. If you are already experiencing difficulties paying your loans then it’s highly unlikely that your mortgage company would want to release any more equity that you may have within your home, as this would make it even harder for the mortgage company to retrieve their original loan.By now, you are most likely to be worried about what other options you do have to escape your mortgage arrears without losing everything you have. Worry not, Quicksale4properties  provides the answer to your mortgage arrears problem! You get cash offers for your home sometimes within 48 hours! You can sell your home and move to another.

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