Here Your OptionsOr Pay
1. Get Estate Agents to value and then put your house on the market.– No Estate Agent’s fess
2. Show people round the property (Mostly “Nosy Parker”& “Sightseers”).– No legal fees
3. If no offers received after 1 or 2 months, reduce the price of your house.– No further mortgage payments
4. show more people round your property.– And have the cash within days instead of months!
5. Eventually accept an offer at between 5 & 10% below the advertise price.
6. Hope the sale doesn’t fall through (over 30% of property sales don’t reach completion).if so return to step 4
7. once price agreed, wait a further 3 months or so for the sale to complete.
8. Work out how many €, ooo’s it has cost you in reducing the price of the house, making mortagage payments, paying Estate Agent’s fees, and legal fess since you started the process(on average,7months ago